James Chegwyn

 Producer / Cinematographer

James is a Cinematographer with extensive experience traveling and working around the world. After graduating from UCA Farnham studying Cinematography he has gone on to work in the Middle East, Africa, South America and all over Europe. He has over 8 years of professional experience working for the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery, Channel 4 & many other production companies. With relentless passion for filmmaking and a hard working ethos he can help translate those pages within the script into visual compositions on screen. James loves to work with justified camera movement, lighting scenes depending on the context and feel of the scene and working with great actors that transmit energy and emotions through their work.


Mitchell Snell

Producer / Writer / Actor 

Mitch is a graduate from The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts. Despite specialising in acting for camera; he has spent the past five years  starring in short films alongside travelling around Europe and the UAE with touring theatre companies: Viennas English Theatre, Palketto Stage, AlterEgo to name a few. With an extensive love for film, he has decided to push his passion onto screenwriting. He aims to tell stories that make people question the fabric of society and the choices we all make.